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Earloop 3-Ply Mask in Army Series

Earloop 3-Ply Mask in Army Series

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Camo lovers out there! Meet Jovian’s 3-Ply Disposable Army Series Earloop Face Mask that comes with a combination of Jovian's signature monogram and the iconic camouflage prints.

These masks are made according to medically-advised specifications with 95% bacterial filtration and 98% particle filtration efficiency. They feature an exclusive embossed ‘Jovian’ iconic logo.

Jovian's disposable 3-ply face mask is the perfect mask to wear for obvious reasons:

  • Fluid resistence to protect against harmful biofluids and droplets
  • High breathability to ensure exceptional comfort
  • Hypoallergic to minimize skin allergy

Each box consists of 30 individually-wrapped masks that you can easily keep and take out at any time you need.

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